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 Post subject: Rules and regulations
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Grouped with a Grand Master Ninja? Corpse camped while questing? Healer/tank left group after pulling boss and select trash in a 5man HC? Tell the world about it!

When creating a new QQ thread, follow these simple guidelines or your thread will be deleted:
    * Set subject to the name of the character you're whining about and what he/she did. Not your own name. Not the time and the name of the instance. Not "'ammagawd, another shithead!!!!1!!1!1!!eleven!!" Don't forget server name in case it was a battlegroup mashup RBG or RDF situation. Example of a good subject line:
    Vhasif, ninja, Invincible's Reins, ICC25HC

    * State the exact circumstances of your grudge against the character in question. The more pointless, irrelevant whine you include, the less interesting the thread will be to read, and the less convincing your situation will be. Back your accusations with screenshots if you have them, preferrably posted inline (not linked).
    * If a thread already exists relating to the character and offense you're upset about, add a post to that thread instead of creating a new one (i.e. don't make thousands of threads about the same notorius ninja, one thread with thousands of posts will catch more views). Use the search function if neccessary.
    * Be prepared for people disagreeing with you and telling you that you are wrong. Defend your standpoint if you wish.

Any thread that turns into a flame war will be locked.
Any thread that is entirely pointless or can be disproven will be deleted and OP will be issued a forum warning or ban depending on severity.
Any misbehavior from another player is grounds for a post in this forum, as long as it's not a reasonable part of the game.

Examples of situations not relevant to this forum:
    * If you corpse camp a lvl 42 quester in Stranglethorn Vale until he gets tired of you, relogs to his omgwtfbbqtotalpwnage tricked out PvP main and then corpse camps you right back, you had it fucking coming and should not post about it here. Do post the entire story in the FFA forum though, so we can all enjoy laughing at you.
    * Biblen with thirty stacks of Tenacity DoTing you to death over and over from on top of the walls in Wintergrasp Fortress. Just leave Wintergrasp if you can't handle dying.
    * You missed loot in a raid because you were AFK during the roll. It's not ninja. It's you not prioritizing the loot. Did you tell the RL you were going AFK, slacker?

The bottom line is; think it through twice before posting. If you're a smoker have a cigarette or two first. Are you still sure this person deserves the shitstorm he can expect from getting named on an internet forum filled with gamers? Okay, then. Go ahead, click the 'New thread' button.
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