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 Post subject: Holy pala
PostPosted: Apr 7th, '11, 15:54  

Joined: Jul 29th, '10, 01:31
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Location: Greece

Character Name: AinathiƩl
Class: Paladin
Race: Blood Elf
Talent Spec: holy

Link to your Armory profile:

What are your professions and their skill levels? bs 525 jc 520
Why did you choose these professions? bs for extra socket and jc for the special gem

What is this character's total played time? 216 days
What is the total played time, from all your lvl 80+ characters? aroud 300 days

List all your previous raiding guilds (including those on other realms), and explain the reasons for departing them:
rise cuse i did't have raid spot unshaven cuse i transfer my char
Raid Experience (On this character)
- T11: The Bastion of Twilight? 2/4
- T11: Blackwing Descent? 3/5
- T11: Throne of the Four Winds? -
Wrath of the Lich King
- T10: Ruby Sanctum? done
- T10: Icecrown Citadel? done normal and hc
- T9: Trial of the (Grand) Crusader? done
- T8: Ulduar? done
- T7: The Eye of Eternity, The Obsidian Sanctum & Naxxramas? clear

- Any The Burning Crusade experience, at lvl 70? -
- Any Classic Era experience, at lvl 60? -

- Do you have any raid experience on other characters? nop

Raid Activity
- Are you able to raid consistently from 19:00 to 23:30 (realm time) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays? yes
- Are you able to stretch beyond that if needed for progress? yes
- Are you aware of our high raid attendance requirement? yes
- Do you understand that lowly ranked members do not have a guaranteed raid spot? yes
- How do you feel about sitting out from raids, in general? i am going farm herbs with my alt for gold

How do you prepare for coming raids? flask food potion

User Interface
- What are the most important add-ons to you? deadly boss mode
- Post a screenshot of your raid UI:

About the player:
What is your name? Thanasis
How old are you? 24
Where are you from? Greece

Do you have any friends in the guild who would recommend recruiting you? huntercats kabamaru kolito hanayama

How did you hear about us? from kaba

What kind of PC do you have, and how is your internet connection? proseccor : AMD 6 core mother board : ASUS CROSSHAIR IV FORMULA RETAI , grafic card : asus gtx470 1,3gb ddr5, ram ddr3 4 gb , HD : ssd 285 write 275 read

So why do you want to join us, anyway? 2 have some fun

And why should we take you instead of someone else? is your choice

Do you like standing in voidzones? nop i am try avoid them

What do you do when the raid leader calls for a wipe? on woltk i use di now i am try 2 die fast as i can

What part of release and run in you don't understand? i am run

Do you have 'Mumble' and a mic. you would not hesitate to use when needed? nop but easy 2 take it

Tell us a joke (excluding googled fat momma jokes): ....

On how many parts can you split a circle with 4 lines? 11

Can you say "Neprotivokonstituciosnovatelstvuvaite" fast? ( know... nevermind).

Anything you want to tell us about yourself?
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